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ID Number Applicant Post Date Expiration Status
1301711 Proposal to Construct an In-Lake Sediment Storage Facility from Dredging Operations of the Fox Chain ‘O’ Lakes Located Southwest of Route 12 2017-09-07 2017-10-07
1278923 Proposal to realign and improve U.S. 20 resulting in 1.588 acres of wetland impacts and 2 2017-08-15 2017-09-16
1243123 Proposal for a Wetland and Stream Mitigation Bank at Glacial Park Conservation Area 2017-07-11 2017-08-11
1224263 Proposal to restore the existing beach 2017-06-21 2017-07-22
1184515 NIPSCO 24-inch natural gas pipeline resulting in 49.79 acre of temporary wetland impact and 0.35 acre of permanent wetland impact in Lake and Porter County 2017-05-16 2017-06-15
1165550 Proposal to Create Muirhead Springs Wetland Mitigation Bank at Muirhead Springs Forest Preserve 2017-04-27 2017-05-27
1143781 Proposal to fill four wetlands in the Indian Creek watershed for a total of 2.7 acres of impact for the proposed expansion of the existing data center located at the southwest corner of Eola Rd. and Diehl Rd. in Aurora 2017-04-06 2017-05-07
1136694 (missing) 2017-03-31 2017-04-30
1131353 (missing) 2017-03-27 2022-03-18
1130813 Proposal to reconstruct and widen Randall Road from Harnish Drive (north of County Line Road) to Polaris Drive/Acorn Lane 2017-03-27 2017-05-03
1125978 (missing) 2017-03-22 2017-04-22
1121060 This Public Notice announces the preliminary intent of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Chicago District (Corps) to accept and expend funds from the Northern Indiana Public Service Company (NIPSCO) to expedite processing of their Department of the Army (DA) permit applications 2017-03-16 2017-03-31
1109659 Proposal to encapsulate 0.021 acres of Waters of the U.S. on the north side of Canal Road east of Rivers Edge Drive in Channahon Township 2017-03-10 2017-04-13
1103993 (missing) 2017-03-06 2017-12-31
1102292 Proposed Construction of a Third Rail Road Line on the Union Pacific West Line from Kress Road to Peck Road in West Chicago and Geneva 2017-03-03 2017-04-03
1093293 (missing) 2017-02-23 2017-03-23
1078063 Joel Hirsch St Andrews Properties, Inc stabilize slope and install a revetment 2017-02-09 2017-03-12
1067158 LRL USACE NWP 2017-02-01 2017-03-01
1067140 Indiana Department of Transportation travel lanes along I-65 2017-02-01 2017-03-04
1061180 Proposal to reconstruct U.S. Route 6 from Haas Road to Spring Meadows Drive 2017-01-26 2017-02-26
1055224 Proposal to construct a steel and quarrystone breakwater 2017-01-20 2017-02-18
1053247 (missing) 2017-01-18 2017-02-20
1053244 Proposal to construct a large retail development to impact 6.08 acres of jurisdictional waters and wetlands 2017-01-18 2017-02-19
1045336 (missing) 2017-01-09 2017-02-09
1004835 Proposal to construct a quarrystone breakwater and quarrystone revetment in front of an existing timber wall along Lake Michigan located at 667 Sheridan Road in Winnetka 2016-11-15 2016-12-17
999760 Proposal to construct a steel groin 2016-11-08 2016-12-10
980916 Proposal to perform maintenance dredging annually for 10 years at the Church Street Boat Ramp along Lake Michigan. Located at Church Street Boat Ramp along Lake Michigan in Evanston 2016-10-20 2016-11-20
923534 Proposed Updates to the Illinois Urban Manual: Inlet Protection- Monofilament Fabric Barrier Fence 860 2016-08-23 2016-09-24
917658 To repair and maintain an existing seawall rock revetment along 500 linear feet of Lake Michigan and revegetate upland slope to prevent further erosion of property. Located at 1601 Shore Acres Road in Lake Bluff 2016-08-17 2016-09-17
881982 The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 2016-08-01 2016-10-01
857284 Proposal to construct a quarrystone revetment and a nearshore breakwater island along Lake Michigan located at 2815 Lakeside Court in Evanston 2016-07-26 2016-08-26
799337 Proposed Buffalo Creek Wetland Mitigation Bank 2016-06-14 2016-07-16
798001 Proposal to perform Maintenance Dredging on the Chain O Lakes in Lake County for 10 years in Lake County 2016-06-13 2016-07-14
797789 USACE LRL NWP 2016-06-13 2016-08-01 To comment
797775 (missing) 2016-06-13 2016-08-01
797762 Proposal to Relocate Existing Rail Lines resulting in 1.21 acres of Wetland Impact. Located Near 355 North Clark Road 2016-06-13 2016-07-15
797753 Proposed Update to the Illinois Urban Manual Standard 927 2016-06-13 2016-07-13
796736 (missing) 2016-06-10 2016-08-01
781716 Proposal to replace two existing bridges that have been found to be structurally deficient with a single 5-span structure. Located at the Kishwaukee River 2016-05-25 2016-06-24
781706 Proposal to construct a breakwater protected beach and other associated activities along Lake Michigan located at 411 and 391 Sheridan Road in Winnetka 2016-05-25 2016-06-24
754130 Proposal to install two dams along the I&M Canal in the Village of Lemont to create a deeper pool of water. Located within the I&M Canal from west of Ed Bossert Street to east of Stephen Street in the Village of Lemont 2016-05-06 2016-06-09
752850 The National Wetland Plant list has been updated. All Jurisdictional Determinations after May 1 2016-05-05 2016-12-31
743706 Proposal to construct a quarrystone breakwater and quarrystone revetment along Lake Michigan at 619 and 627 Sheridan Road in Winnetka 2016-04-27 2016-05-29
738755 Proposal to excavate stream bed from Spring Creek and enclose within an additional approximately 350 foot long box culvert structure for Joliet rail yard expansion. Located east of existing Joliet rail yard in Spring Creek and west of Draper Road in Joliet 2016-04-20 2016-05-27
721304 COOK COUNTY DEPT. OF TRANSPORTATION 2016-04-14 2016-05-15
718117 Proposal to improve the at-grade Coal City Road crossing at the Union Pacific Railroad for the High-Speed Rail service as part of the Chicago to St. Louis HSR Project. Located at Coal City Road between the City of Wilmington and City of Braidwood 2016-04-11 2016-05-11
602572 (missing) 2015-07-01 2015-08-28
558907 The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 2014-12-30 2015-02-28
509929 (missing) 2014-10-14 2015-03-31
509917 (missing) 2014-10-14 2015-10-01
487626 (missing) 2014-04-14 2014-12-31
1314783 Proposal to construct a 200 acre industrial development including five large scale industrial buildings

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